Fleet GPS Tracking Kuwait

ClaroTek is an experienced provider for GPS based Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS) and fleet management solutions in Kuwait and the Middle-East. Over the last 5 years we have had great success helping our customers achieve increased efficiency, reduced theft and declining operational costs.

We take pride in examining every customer case, studying your requirements and thinking of innovative solutions to help solve your hardest problems. So why not get in touch for a quote?

Our Fleet tracking solutions are powered by Lightbug, a UK based company with over 15 years experience in designing GPS trackers

Affordable Tracking

Our all inclusive pricing is straightforward and based on volume. Simply enter the number of vehicles you wish to track for an instant quote.

Pricing includes device, installation, software, training & support with no hidden fees.

4.000 KD
per vehicle per month for

Our software is developed and maintained in-house. This has enabled us to create a system that helps you perform every day operations easily, with a strong focus on usability and useful features

Our platform is fast and user friendly. We provide full staff training to ensure our customers make the most out of their investment with us. We are dedicated to maintaining our systems with regular updates, using the latest technologies and introducing exciting new features periodically.

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Tracking on the go

Get regular updates and alerts based on position, motion and various other parameters wherever you are

Free iPhone and Android Apps for quick view and personalized notifications right to your smart phone

Track vehicles using mobile apps on Desktop, Android and iOS

Some of our clients

  • … and more

First Impressions

Easily search for and filter gps trackers based on license plate and more

Find and Customize

Easy device management

Years of operating in the industry means knowing what information our customer wants to find and the most intuitive way to find it.

Our simplistic design ensures user-friendliness and top notch performance across all your personal devices.

While our customization level is there to help you find what you want, your way.

Viewing your data

History View

Simple time machine

Viewing location history has never been easier.

Our system automatically groups your asset’s trips and displays them in a tidy manner.

View history for as far back as you want, we never delete any of your data.

History view of GPS tracker trails. Select dates to show data.

Change Settings from anywhere

Change tracker settings quickly and easily

Remote Configuration

No cables or waiting

When you need to change device settings there is no need to contact us and wait for new settings to be applied.

Unlike most trackers on the market, LightBug trackers are configurable via the tracking portal to give you that much needed convenience and autonomy.

Set up Zones (Geofences)

Zones as a great tool

For the expert and casual users alike

They allow you to:

  • Quickly see how many of your assets are in each zone
  • Get alerts whenever an asset enters or leaves a zone
  • Turn off tracking inside a safe zone

For expert controls of zones, see below

Set GPS zones or geofences to receive alerts

Powerful Reporting for GPS Trackers

GPS Tracker VTS Printable Reports: Routes and more

Printable Reports

Meaningful data with easy to use analysis tools

Basic reports include:

  • Status
  • Route
  • Zone
  • Over speeding
  • Activity

We are committed to constantly adding new and exciting features to help our clients get more relevant information on their assets.

More VTS GPS Tracker Reports: Speeding and zone reports

Create Alerts & Notifications

Instant alerts

Via email or through the smartphone app

Alerts include:

  • Device low battery
  • Working outside designated working hours
  • Entering a prohibited area
  • Entering an area from a specific direction
  • Over speeding

The possibilities are endless; if we can report on it, we can set up an alert for it!

Receive alerts based on tracker speed, location and more

Optional Sensors

Our Trackers can integrate optional sensors such as fuel level

Standard & Custom sensors

Measure anything

We integrate many sensors with our hardware, allowing customers to collect more information about their assets.

Our range includes:

  • Fuel level sensors
  • Fill level sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Driving analysis sensors

We also offer special custom made devices for our customers who are looking for something a little different.

Optional Extra: Advanced GPS Zone Reporting

Advanced zone reporting offers extended insight to expert users.

With advanced zone reporting you can:

  • View how long the asset spent in each zone
  • View the total number of times a device entered a zone and total amount of time in a zone for 1 week / 1 month / custom time
  • View daily averages for time spent in zone for an asset

Using data from all devices or groups of devices you can create aggregated zone activity reports

These show overall stats for each zone:

  • How many times a zone was entered
  • How long devices spent inside a zone on average
  • Overall stats for travel between zones: How long it takes to get from zone A to zone B on average

Trend analysis reports help users to create very specific custom alerts such as:

  • If a device spends a lot more time inside a zone than usual
  • If a device spends too long to get between zone A & zone B

Using this data you can also see the evolution of time spent in zones over time: Are your assets spending more or less time in each zone as the month goes by?

Optional Extra: Route Optimization

Route optimization feature is available for large fleets.

It works as follows:

  • Import, select presets, or enter list of deliveries required for the day
  • Initially, using basic route optimization algorithms, system will figure out the best route for each truck individually

As the system gathers more data, AI will be able to further optimize routes by using real data of time spent in zone and time required to travel between zones, allowing for system optimization.

This system:

  • Accounts for traffic
  • Distributes workload equally across your fleet
  • Reduces total working hours across fleet
  • Reduce number of assets required to get the job done

Route export option allows you to print suggested routes or send them directly to driver phones.

At the end of the day this allows you to:

  • View the route taken vs the suggested route
  • Get alerts for deviation from route

Sit back, relax and watch as our truly intelligent system increases your fleet’s capacity and efficiency.